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Floating Cannabis Swim Trunks

Bold cannabis-themed swim trunks with a concealed stash pocket, captured by the acclaimed photographer Freegrow8. Style meets practicality.

"Cannabis Clothing In High Definition"


Swim trunks has a built-in compression boxer brief, which provides support for your thighs and helps prevent from sticking to your skin when its soaked, also super quick dry fabric, lightweight and breathable. Beach shorts or swim trunks is suitable for leisure or sports and/or beach activties, board shorts can be used for any occasion whether its a water park, surfing, running, sports or simply staying at home to relax they fit any occasion. They are even perfect for a smoke session also has a built in stash pocket for your smoke accessories or even your phone.
The custom swimsuit combine's with a elastic waistband with adjustable drawstring and two lagre front pockets.
~Material made of Polyester.
~Please reference size chart on the last picture for correct measurement.
~Not responable for damaged shorts due to washing, hand wash only, do not wash with bleach, do not dry clean, do not tumble in heat to dry, do not iron. 
~No returns.
~Fits size waist 34/36 runs a bit on the bigger size. Has a draw string that snugs them to a great fit.


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